Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

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2023|Volume 47

No. 3

Research Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 3|pages 95-105

Diagnostic Accuracy of the ADOS-2 in Children With Psychiatric Conditions

Angela Feehan, Shannon Napora, Karen Weis, Danielle Johnston, Keya Clegg Davis, Sharron McKinnon, Lonnie Zwaigenbaum

Research Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 3|pages 107-120

Impact of Intensive Group Therapy for Québec-French-Speaking Adolescents Who Stutter: Findings of a Retrospective Study

Marie-Ève Caty, Judith Labonté, Maxime Paquet, Isabelle Nadeau, Marie-Laurence Dubé

Research Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 3|pages 121-136

Exploring Kindergarten Teachers’ Perception of In-Class Modelling by School-Based Speech-Language Pathologists Through Four Implementation Outcomes

Paméla McMahon-Morin, Stefano Rezzonico, Anabelle Rousseau, Marie-Pier Gingras, Natacha Trudeau, Claire Croteau

No. 2

Complete Journal Issue |2023|Vol. 47, No. 2|pages 79-163


Research Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 2|pages 79-93

Using Gestures to Help Children With Developmental Language Disorder in Word Learning

Anne Bragard, Marie-Anne Schelstraete

Case Study |2023|Vol. 47, No. 2|pages 95-108

Formalizing Local Intersectoral Practices: A Case Study of an Initiative Targeting Language Development

Mélissa Di Sante, Angèle Bilodeau, Catherine Chabot, Louise Potvin

Research Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 2|pages 109-124

Dysphagia and Oral Health Concerns in Long-Term Care

Rebecca Affoo, Rebecca Cliffe Polacco, Bonnie Lam, Jinhui Ma, Catriona M. Steele, Ashwini Namasivayam-MacDonald

Clinical Focus |2023|Vol. 47, No. 2|pages 125-140

Report on the Impact of LSVT LOUD in Improving Communication of a Preschool Child and a Young Adult With Cerebral Palsy

Annie Joëlle Fortin, Alexandra Hamel, Frédérique Asselin-Giguère, Simone Poulin, David H. McFarland

Review Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 2|pages 141-163

An Umbrella Review of Systematic Reviews: Characteristics of Communication Partner Training That Facilitate Learning in Communication Partners of Adults With Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders

Ariné Kuyler, Ensa Johnson, Juan Bornman

No. 1

Complete Journal Issue |2023|Vol. 47, No. 1|pages 1-77

Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Review Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 1|pages 1-18

Characteristics and Functional Impacts of Swallowing and Speech Disorders Associated with Oculopharyngeal Muscular Dystrophy: A Systematic Review

Myriam Breton, Kim Gagnon, Audrey Beaumont, Vincent Martel-Sauvageau

Review Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 1|pages 19-36

Treatment of Verb Tense Inflection Disorders in Aphasia: A Systematic Review

Célia Ericson, Evodie Schaffner, Marion Fossard

Research Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 1|pages 37-53

Acoustical and Perceptual Voice Characteristics in Adults With Early- and Late-Onset Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

Kavassery Venkateswaran Nisha, Prateek Lokwani, Prashanth Prabhu

Clinical Focus |2023|Vol. 47, No. 1|pages 55-66

Social Innovation in Speech-Language Pathology: Coconstruction of a Training Program for Day-Camp Counsellors With Community Partners

Jessica Sylvain, Éliane Morissette, Sarah Martin-Roy, Marie Grandisson, Francine Julien-Gauthier, Chantal Desmarais

Research Article |2023|Vol. 47, No. 1|pages 67-77

The Development of a Standardized Videofluoroscopic Swallow Study Barium Mixing Protocol: A Consensus-Based Approach

Veronica Rodriguez, Elissa Greco, Julie Theurer, Gina Mills, Kate Hutcheson, Rosemary Martino

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