Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Journal Issues

2021|Volume 45

No. 4

Case Study |2021|Vol. 45, No. 4|pages 229-238

Expressive Language Impairment in the Visual Input Modality: A Case Report

Colleen T. Ives, Joshua Kutcher, Jaime C. Yu

Tutorial |2021|Vol. 45, No. 4|pages 239-249

Concept Mapping as a Research Tool for Knowledge Users’ Engagement: A Tutorial

Elaine Y. L. Kwok, Danielle Glista, Sheila T. F. Moodie

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 4|pages 251-266

Identifying Developmental Language Disorders in French-Portuguese Bilingual Children: Resources Available to Speech-Language Pathologists

Salomé Schwob, Katrin Skoruppa

No. 3

Complete Journal Issue |2021|Vol. 45, No. 3|pages 157-227

Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Research Note |2021|Vol. 45, No. 3|pages 157-165

Touch Screen Assessment of High-Risk Infants’ Word Knowledge

Rachel Hahn Arkenberg, Sharon Christ, Amanda Seidl

Research Note |2021|Vol. 45, No. 3|pages 167-177

Using a Five-Step Logic Model Development Process to Design an Intervention for Adolescents With Developmental Language Disorder

Catherine Julien, Marie-Eve Lamontagne, Francine Julien-Gauthier, Marie-Catherine St-Pierre, Chantal Desmarais

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 3|pages 179-188

YouTube Videos on Voice Disorders: What can a Layperson Learn?

Dhanshree R. Gunjawate, Rohit Ravi, Monica L. Bellon-Harn, Abigail J. Dueppen, Vinaya Manchaiah

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 3|pages 189-207

Syllabic Structures Inventory for Francophone Children: A Tool for Intervention Planning in Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Nathalie Aubry, Isabelle Bissonnette, Sophie Raymond, Marc Perron, Louise Duchesne

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 3|pages 209-227

Investigating Label Use by English Canadian Speech-Language Pathologists

Alyssa Kuiack, Lisa M. D. Archibald

No. 2

Complete Journal Issue |2021|Vol. 45, No. 2|pages 77-156

Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 2|pages 77-97

Implications of United States Service Evidence for Growing Multiethnic Adult Neurorehabilitation Caseloads Worldwide

José G. Centeno, Joyce L. Harris

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 2|pages 99-112

Introducing the Coding Observations of Parent–Child Interactions (COPI): An Observational Measure of the Parental Behaviours That Matter for Language Development

Audette Sylvestre, Mélissa Di Sante, Élise Brassart, Jean Leblond

Clinical Focus |2021|Vol. 45, No. 2|pages 113-130

Act Early Autism Project: The Feasibility of an Early Pathway to Care for Toddlers at Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Robin Gaines, Yolanda Korneluk, Danielle Quigley, Abigail D. Delehanty, Laurie A. Vismara

Tutorial |2021|Vol. 45, No. 2|pages 131-142

The diverse functional origins of acquired anomia: clinical illustrations

Laura Monetta, Annie Légaré, Joël Macoir

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 2|pages 143-156

Speech-on-Speech Masking: Effect of Maskers with Different Degrees of Linguistic Information

Anoop Basavanahalli Jagadeesh, Ajith Kumar Uppunda

No. 1

Complete Journal Issue |2021|Vol. 45, No. 1|pages 1-75

Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Clinical Focus |2021|Vol. 45, No. 1|pages 1-13

Dynamic Assessment and Small-Group Play-Based Context Supporting First Nation Children’s Standard English Language Development

Shelley Stagg Peterson, Nazila Eisazadeh, Dana Hopkins, Sharla Peltier

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 1|pages 15-28

School-Aged French-Speaking Children’s Word Finding in Narration: A Pilot Study

Vincent Bourassa Bédard, Natacha Trudeau

Tutorial |2021|Vol. 45, No. 1|pages 29-40

Maintaining Satisfactory Communication with People Suffering from Alzheimer's Disease: Creation of Videos for Caregivers

Camille Angers, Jessica Sylvain, Joël Macoir

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 1|pages 41-58

Implementing Evidence-Based Assessment Practices for the Monitoring of Spoken Language Outcomes in Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in a Large Community Program

Barbara Jane Cunningham, Olivia M. Daub, Janis Oram Cardy

Research Article |2021|Vol. 45, No. 1|pages 59-75

Engaging Clinicians and Graduate Students in the Design and Evaluation of Educational Resources About Universal Design for Learning

Vanessa Tomas, Patricia Solomon, Justine Hamilton, Wenonah N. Campbell

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